One of the most controversial project in progress in Brazil, the Belo Monte dam is being built on the Xingu River in the Pará State. Planned to be the largest dam in the country, after Itaipu, the Belo Monte dam will displace at least 30 000 people only at the urban area of Altamira. Scheduled to start operating in February 2015, the construction already leaves its trail of human rights violation and disrespect to traditional people and biodiversity.

Affected People of Pará demands the Minister

Photo: Joka Madruga

At September 3rd, during the MAB National Meeting, at Cotia/SP, the people threatened to be affected by the dams at the Tapajós Complex in Pará state made many charged the minister of the Presidency's General Secretary Gilberto Carvalho.

They demanded the cancelling of the dam project and the withdraw of the National Force of Tapajós, which returned the monitoring of environmental impact studies of dams and monitoring social movements and the threatening of families. For those affected the presence of the National Force has intimidated the population, which resists the construction works.
Another collection was the attitude of the State regarding the construction of the complex. "We do not want the government discussing with us after the construction, when the disaster has already happened. We have the right to say “no” to those projects, we do not want to leave our community, "said José Odair, of the community of Pimental, where is planned the construction of the dam of São Luiz do Tapajós, one of the five plants planned for the river.
One of the agreements made with the minister was to hold a meeting organized by MAB with the people threatened by the Dam project. The date will be set later this week with the Secretariat of the Presidency.

Affected by Belo Monte require the presence of the Minister
Mary Grace, affected by Belo Monte made an intervention during the MInister's speech and demanded him to visit the city of Altamira and meet the reality of those affected by Belo Monte. "The government and the company are saying that the houses that North Energy is offering are good, but we're not seeing that. We want the Minister to look at the houses go by and see the terrible conditions that are willing to put us in”.
The Minister compromised in visiting the region in October.