Government suspend studies for construction of dams on Tapajos after popular pressure

Suspension is a victory of all the struggles of the people of the region 

Federal Government announced the suspension of the studies for the construction of the dams on the Tapajós on this Sunday (June 23). “Funai and federal government are suspending any research which were happening on your region”, said Lucia Alberg, presidency assessor of FUNAI – National Indigenous Foundation, in a meeting in the city of Jacareacanga, west of Pará. Also according to Lucia, studies can only proceed after the government proceed with the Prior Consultation according to Resolution 169 of theInternational Labour Organization (ILO). 

 “We very happy”, said the chief of the warriors Paygomuyatpu Munduruku. “She did not yet give any proof of her statement, but we are satisfied on what she said”. In May and June, the Munduruku indigenous carried out several actions requiring the suspension of works and studies for the construction of hydro-power dams on the rivers of Tapajos and Teles Pires, where 13,000 people live. 

Suspension is a popular victory 

 “This is also a victory for the communities of the riverside, fishers and all rural and urban population of this region, who also wants to be heard about these projects”, said Fred Rênero, coordination member at the basin of Tapajós of MAB - Movement of People Affected by Dams. MAB in partnership with the Mundurukus and other organizations have with great effort promoted large debates about the objectives, impacts and who really benefit from these constructions.

“We know that these hydropower dams are projected to generate great profits for international companies and not to benefit the population. This suspension is a victory for all the people of this region; including of the great efforts of the Mundurukus against a project of death of the Tapajós. It is to us to strength the alliances and deepens the organizational process of a Popular Energy Project which puts our natural resources in service for the people”, concludes Fred.  

This is one more conquer in the context of mobilizations which is happening in the country. This is why MAB stays on the streets in all Brazil against hydropower dams, in defense of energy with quality and just prices, for the respect of the rights of the people affected and for sovereignty of the people and their territories. And at this moment, we also require ANEEL and governments to repeal the increases of the electricity fare, as is expected in the state of Paraná and others, as well as the suspension of demission of workers in the electricity sector. 

Sources: CIMI and Brasil de Fato.

Photo: Fernanda Ligabue