Norte Energia acts with brutality against people affected by Belo Monte

On April 21st Norte Energia, owner of Belo Monte, caused confusion when used truculence against a resident of the Bomfim street in the neighborhood of Boa Esperança who was making repairs on his his house.
The area is preseen to be ​​the lake of the dam, where families will have to be removed. However, it's not yet guaranteed that they will receive a new home.

The company was represented in this action by an employee presented as João Batista, a private guard and a military police officer, according to residents.

"It was an abuse act, the police officer who was in plain clothes entered the house and told the resident that if he did not undo the shack he would take it down," says a witness who will not identify for fear of reprisals.

Soon formed an agglomeration of residents to help him who was suffering firm pressure. The officer, seeing a teenager was filming with his mobile, took it from the boy's hand and throwed into the stream water (SEE VIDEO).


When residents went to the police station to make a complaint against the action, the police and officer of the company were already there. One resident reports that the company representative threatened them, saying that if they had any footage, that they had to delete it and that they should not make any complaint because the Norte Energia would end their registration and no one would have any compensation.

This Norte Energia attitude is just one more episode of human rights violations that have occurred against those affected by Belo Monte in Altamira and region.