5 reasons to fight the coup

Photo of protest against the coup

1. The coup is against the people and Brazil

What is at stake is the space for workers and democracy. The coup means the establishment of the "state of exception" where will prevail the absolute interest of the richest. The Brazilian people is in great danger of losing their freedom, their rights and all historical achievements, with increase of persecution, repression and all forms of violence against the people.

2. The coup is of interest and is being organized by the rich

The coup is being led by the main media-stream channel as Rede Globo, the financial capital, the banks, international investment funds, transnational corporations (mainly from the US) in alliance with judicial sectors (rich state bureaucracy) involving prosecutors and judges and political parties as PSDB, DEM and PMDB installments.

3. The international capital and imperialism is involved with the coup

Financial business groups, as US companies, which interests are the Brazilian oil (pre-salt) and therefore need to destroy Petrobras, finances and is involved with the Brazilian right-wing offensive.

4. The coup is to retake from the Brazilian people their main richness and state companies

A possible government of the putschists will try to privatize everything and turn into profitable business. Large business groups want to take over our pre-salt layer, Petrobras, the state banks: Caixa, Banco do Brasil, the Post Office, the state owned hydroelectric plants, etc. Besides privatizing the public universities, education and our public health system (SUS).

5. The outcome of the coup will mean worsening of the people's living conditions

The goal is to impose the reduction of social and labor rights and remove the working class gains achieved in recent years. Outsourcing, unemployment, precariousness and social inequality will be deepened.
Those who defend the coup says that they want to fight corruption, but history shows that it's they who are most corrupt. The background of Brazilian and international elites is to place a government that protects the richest class, to create conditions to further explore the working class people and put the main wealth of the country at service to increase the profits of wealthy businessmen.

Therefore, we must fight against the coup. Redouble our work and make the fight together.

Long live democracy, long live Brazil, long live the people!