People protest against the mining company Vale in the state of São Paulo

People affected by dams from Paraná and the Ribeira Valley region joined today, March 14 the demonstrations within the International Action Day of Against Dams.


On this Monday (14), International Day of Action Against Dams, popular movements protested in front of the Mining-chemical complex of Vale Fertilizers in Cajati, in the countryside of São Paulo.

At the time, about 800 people protested against the mining projects in the Ribeira Valley region and denounced the company's responsibility in the death of 19 people in Mariana (MG).

The entry of the company was blocked and, as intoned slogans, phrases were painted on the building entrance, "Vale is Criminal"; Valle Kills "

"The Ribeira Valley has nearly 300 applications for mining projects in the National Department of Mineral Production. They want to make a hole around the Ribeira Valley and want to build dam around it " denounced MAB's activist Ubiratã de Souza.


Photo of the protets front of Vale

Other protests against Vale have been made last week during the International Women's Day. In Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of women threw mud at the company's offices on 8 of March. The railway tracks of the Vale were blocked for 30 hours by the people affected by Samarco's (Vale and BHP) mud, at Belo Oriente.

The protest was organized by the People Affected by Dams Movement (MAB), MOAB, National Movement for Popular Sovereignty Front Mining (MAM) and Landless Workers' Movement (MST), in addition to having the support of Levante Popular da Juventude and the Small Farmers movement.

In the morning, protesters had already released the gates of a toll in the municipality of Cajati, at the highway which connects the southeast and south of Brazil. The main goal of the action was to protest against the construction of dams in the region, warn of the dangers of mining and denounce the slowness in land regularization processes in the Ribeira Valley.

Photo of the protest