Support the people affected by dams!

Have you ever imagined suddenly losing your home? And your neighbors too? To see like in a flood the school where you started to learn to write, the square where your first kiss took place and the football field where you constantly put your dreams simply disappeared from the map?

Unfortunately, millions of people affected by dams have lived this experience in all the world. Due to dams build for hydro-power plants, water transposition projects and mining tailings dams. By the argument of “development” these constructions evicts people, animals and floods forests for the profit of large companies.

The Movement of People Affected by Dams*, MAB, organization of people affected by these projects in Brazil, struggle for over 26 years in defense of their rights. According to the federal Council in Defense of the Human Being there is a pattern of violation of rights when it comes to dams construction in Brazil. The council has identified the systematical violation of 16 human rights related to dams construction in the country. Among these rights violated are: right to access information about the dam project in the region you live, right of participation, to live in dignity, adequate housing, healthy environment, health, fair compensation and access to justice.

Within this political and economic crises in Brazil the most vulnerable populations are the ones who pay the bill. The government's proposals to soften environmental legislation (withdraw of environmental rules), the austerity measures, the cutting off social programs, criminalization of civil society organizations – all this reflects the worsening of the people's conditions.

That's why, more than ever, we need that all feel part of this great effort to guarantee the rights and survival of thousands of people spread over this country. After-all, we are all affected by the same production model that excludes the poor and privileges the rich.

* Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

These are the main struggles of MAB faced at the moment:

1. Resistance against new dam projects in the Amazon

2. Struggle for the recovery of the Doce river basin, affected by Samarco/Vale/BHP Billiton tailings dam rupture (Mariana)

4. Defense and promotion of human rights of the people affected by dams in Brazil

 Besides the enormous challenges we are facing, MAB is also holding this year it's 8th National Encounter, during October 1 to 5, in Rio de Janeiro. We expect to gather 4 thousand affected people from 19 Brazilian states to debate the reality faced and to point out to new challenges for the organization of the affected populations.

We'd like to ask for your solidarity to collaborate with our campaign, in struggle for life and in defense of the environment.



Support the struugle of those affected